MasterChef Aus S12E53 – Recap

It’s the Immunity Challenge, with the winner getting into the top five, and avoiding elimination on Sunday.

A sea of cloches await the immunity three

Poh, Reynold and Laura and fighting in a sea of cloches.

The contestants walk in to find the judges excited to tell them about today’s twist

So pretty and colour coordinated

Andy tells them that once in the top five, they have a 20% chance of winning, compared to when they first started this season with a 4% chance.

Under each cloche is an ingredient. They will take it in turns to pick only two of the secret ingredients. Andy calls it the best ever lucky dip.

But if they’re not happy with one of their ingredients, they can pick another. They have to declare which one they’re giving up first, and then choose the replacement. Whatever they get is that.
They need to make a sweet and savoury dish. They only have to use one of the two ingredients in each dish.

Mel tells Reynold to pick first. He starts to meander down the aisles with Mel close behind. She opens the lid to reveal madeira.
He starts wandering around again and picks one that Poh wanted. It’s fennel. Reynold decides he’s going to change the fennel.
He picks another one, further down the aisle. It’s dates. Reynold hates cooking with dates, he’s not happy, and he would have preferred the fennel.

Next up is Laura, with Andy following her around. She does a spin and chooses one. Andy lifts the cloche. It’s red miso.
Next, she has another wander around, looking for a good vibe. It’s vanilla.
Laura decides to keep her red miso and vanilla.

Finally, it’s Poh. She starts with a wander, Jock telling her there’s truffles around her. She chooses one. It’s bergamot.
She does not care for this at all.

Poh is livid.

She will be swapping it out.
Her second ingredient, after having a sniff around the cloches, is ruby grapefruit. She also does not like it, and is sick of the citrus.
She keeps the grapefruit and kicks the bergamot out.
It’s time for her third choice, and meanders around again, willing positive vibes. She gets olives.
Again, she’s a bit shook, a very dramatic facial expression.
“They’re both really ok,” she says.

So Reynold has dates and medira, Laura has vanilla and red miso, and Poh has olives and ruby grapefruit.

They have 90 minutes to cook a sweet dish and a savoury dish, featuring a highlighted ingredient in each.

I start to watch the cooking a bit, but I got too bored, so time ended quickly for me!


First to taste is Poh. Her savoury dish is Olive Ragù Gnocchi with Brodo and Chilli Oil, and her sweet dish is Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry with Mascarpone Yoghurt and Fresh Grapefruit.

The judges first comment on how big the stuffed gnocchi’s are.

Andy is first to talk about how great the savoury dish is, and how much olives were in there. Jock says he can taste the olives, which is good. The broth was the best, which Mel agreed with. However the gnocchi itself wasn’t the greatest and could have been done differently.

For the sweet, Andy says the grapefruit was there, but they all agreed it was just a 20 minute dish for when you have an unexpected guest come over. Immunity worthy? Hmm…

Next is Laura. Her savoury is Red Miso Pork with Turnips and Turnip Emulsion. Her sweet is a Sfogliatella Cannoli with Vanilla Custard and Brown Bread Crumble.

They enjoy the pork, it’s well done, and the red miso is there, which is good.
For the sweet, however, they couldn’t guess that vanilla was an ingredient.

Finally, it’s Reynold. He’s serving Shiitake Mashrooms with Date Purée and Brown Butter Potato Foam. For his dessert, Reynold is serving Chocolate Brownie with Madeira Gelato and Madeira Veil.

Jock is disappointed that Reynold didn’t end up using quail in his savoury dish, because he was looking forward to it, but Reynold said he overcooked the quail. He felt it wouldn’t have particularly helped the dish any by having quail.

Mel called the dish rich and delicious, but couldn’t have helped but feel a bit of quail would have been nice. They all agree that some quail would have added to the dish and he shouldn’t have overcooked it.

It’s dessert time, and it is very Madeira, which the judges are very happy about. The contrast of flavours is wonderful and pretty well perfect. The veil was amazing and reinforced the flavour.

But who’s dish will reign supreme?


Mel recaps what they just did and the stakes of the cook.

Andy kicks off some feedback, knocking Poh out of the running.
He tells Reynold that it was great but needed quail. He tells Laura that it was great, but couldn’t taste the vanilla.

It’s Reynold! He’s the first into the top five, and safe from Sunday elimination.

Jock tells them to be nice and make a cup of tea, and sends them on their way.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E52 – Recap

The contestants come in and find they mystery box waiting for them.

When they lift the lid, they find something particularly unexpected.

Emelia holds the mystery… ingredient?

It’s a rubik’s cube.

Andy runs through what a rubiks cube looks like, as if the contestants didn’t have one in their hands, telling them what colours are on the cube. The contestants look a bit confused as to why their ingredient is a rubiks cube, but also why Andy is telling them the physical qualities of the thing they’re holding.

But then he cuts to the chase, telling them to be inventive and to pick one of the colours on the cube. The can cook sweet or savoury, it can be a literal take on the cube, so a red dessert, or it can be more abstract and creative, like the ocean for blue. They have 75 minutes, and time starts.

Emelia is first to run to the pantry, and Andy helps her open the door. Someone runs to the garden, and Reynold grabs a pen and paper.


First to taste is Reynold, who chose green.

Moss by Reynold

Mel compliments the visual of the dish before they start to taste.

So, Reynold does run through everything that’s there, but there’s no subtitles and as someone who can’t even cook 2 minute noodles, I can’t even begin to attempt to write it all down for you, I’m sorry.

Jock says that he’s not a huge matcha fan, but this dish is great and he loves all the layers.
Likewise, Andy loves all the flavours, and Mel loves the textures.

Next is Reece with yellow.

Lemon Tart with Saffron and Vanilla Ice Cream

Mel loves the colour and the look, and is excited to finally try his lemon tart.

When they cut it open, it looks amazing, and I really want a slice of this tart.

Jock starts them off, complimenting everything, however the ice cream just wasn’t helping. Andy agrees, saying the tart base and the filling was perfect. Also agreeing, Mel tells Reece to push the ice cream aside, he did a great job.

It’s Laura next with white.

Yoghurt and Bay

Mel compliments her for showing more strings on her bow, it’s deeply impressive.
Jock loves the different textures in the yoghurt, and Andy calls the dish phenominal.

Alright, it’s time for Callum, serving orange.

Persimmon and Kakuda Plum with Frozen Crème Fraiche and Roasted Almonds

His dish is more glossed over, with Jock saying he really likes it, calls it fresh and refreshing, Mel saying it’s an all in brawl for citrus flavours, and enjoyed the crunch of the pears.

Next is Emelia, also glossed over, doing red.

Strawberries and Cream

Andy says each element of the strawberry is tasted along the way. He loves everything, except for the wild strawberries with the bit of green, and Emelia says that was for garnish. Andy ate the stalk. I have a strawberry stalk story, but I’ll save that for another time.
Mel and Jock love it as well.

Finally, it’s Poh, with red.

Nyonya Chicken Curry with Nasi Ulam, Fried Whitebait and Roti

Poh says the red comes from the chili that’s key in Malaysian cooking.

Everyone calls this amazing, and Jock says it’s knocked out of the park. They said a lot more things, however I kinda zoned out. But at the end of the day, they loved the flavours and are impressed with what she did in the time she had.

Aww, then Mel starts to cry a bit, saying she’s very proud to eat food like this, and it rarely ever happens, but she’s crying with joy from food.

Jock grills her and she says she misses her mum and this food is what she cooks. The smell reminds her of the food her mum cooks on the weekend. She loves how Poh puts everything spot on, and it’s what they look for in MasterChef.


Jock says that while everything was amazing, only three can go to tomorrow’s immunity challenge.

Who will it be?

Poh (of course, you can’t have a judge cry and not get top 3), Laura (simple, effortless, well done), and Reynold (a tie between him and Callum, but ultimately Mel enjoyed his more).

So tomorrow, Poh, Laura and Reynold will fight to avoid elimination on Sunday, and to be officially the first in the top five.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E51 – Recap

The contestants come in to find the judges standing there looking fab, with something hidden behind a black curtain.

What is it?

Mel explains that this is a two round elimination. Wow them in round one and three join Laura upstairs and be in the top 6. Fail to wow, and they’re into round two, where one of three will be eliminated.

But round one is what is under the cloth??

Jock reveals the blackboard
The list of the dishes – separated in sweet and savoury with a time next to it

They have to choose one of the dishes and make a classic dish – exactly as it was intended to be cooked and cook it perfectly.

Each contestant picks their dishes.

Tessa: Fish and Chips with Tartare Sauce – 60 minutes
Reece: Crème Caramel – 60 minutes
Poh: Crème Caramel – 60 minutes
Reynold: Bombe Alaska – 90 minutes
Emelia: Bombe Alaska – 90 minutes
Callum: Chocolate Soufflé – 60 minutes

Emelia and Reynold are first to cook.

After thirty minutes, everyone starts cooking.

I skip to the end of cooking, because I just watch Tik Tok’s otherwise. I just don’t understand cooking.

Anyway, Poh’s dish isn’t cooked and is still wet.


The judges come over and try Callum’s dish first.

Chocolate Soufflé by Callum

It’s perfect and the judges love it – calling it a classic chocolate soufflé.

Next is Reece, who brings his dish down to the front for the judges.

Crème Caramel by Reece

The judges say the caramelisation is lovely and he’s done really well. The flavours are there and super smooth.

Next up is Poh. It’s not going to go well and she describes it as a puddle.

Crème Caramel by Poh

The flavour is there, however not cooked enough, and that’s that.
She’s embarrassed by her attempt.

It’s Emelia’s turn.

Bombe Alaska by Emelia

It’s full on fire, which I love.

“Two words – Nailed It,” Andy says, before getting into everything that was great.
Mel calls it perfect. They say some words that I just do not understand. But Jock calls it brilliant, and genius.

Reynold brings up his dish, going head to head against Emelia. This will be the only Bombe Alaska Reynold has ever made successfully, as he totally goofed it in his season.

Bombe Alaska by Reynold

Jock says the sponge is very thick and is a bit dry as it hasn’t absorbed enough of the alcohol. Mel agrees it’s a bit thicker than it should be. Andy loves the flavour though, although he does agree with the others.

Finally, it’s Tessa time.

Fish and Chips by Tessa

It’s super crunch, and I’m craving some fish and chips now…

Everything was great, however it was a touch over, and Andy starts to critique a caper-less tartare. Mel agrees that the fish was over. Jock says it was the hardest dish to do, and agrees with Andy on tartare sauce. He then says it’s possibly enough to put her in the bottom.


Three contestants will head upstairs, while three will compete in the final round, and will be the last time one of them cooks in the MasterChef kitchen.

Into round two is Poh, Reynold and Tessa.

Callum, Emelia and Reece head upstairs to join Laura.

Now, round two: something the judges have never seen before. It must be inventive, innovative and imaginative.

The pantry and garden are open, with 75 minutes on the clock.

Andy stars the clock and the three run to the pantry.

Ok, I’m gonna skip to the tasting because this is going to be the Poh show and I’m just not really feeling that right now to be honest.

Time comes to an end and everyone steps away from their creations. All three are feeling the pressure. Tessa starts to tear up a bit.

It’s tasting time, and I’m ready to salivate.

First up is Poh with Lettuce Cups, Sago Dumplings and Rempah Udang, and Kuih Koci.

They adore it, and call it an absolute bang!

Second is Tessa.

Indian Fish Tacos with Asafoetida and Mint Raita and Kashmiri Chili Hot Sauce

While Andy loves it, Jock finds several problems with it, including the hot sauce, and wouldn’t call it an Indian dish.

Finally, it’s Reynold.

Space by Reynold

He tells the judges what all the elements are, but I just can’t get them all, I’m sorry.

The judges like pretty well everything but the mousse is not good. Everything else, however, is bang on and the sorbet is bang on. The pebbles are great and so is the tulle. They commend the look.

It’s time for them to make a choice.


Jock reminds them of what they just did, before saying that one of them brought it all.

It’s Poh! Well done to her.

However, someone did not do well, either Tessa or Reynold. They both had issues, but they referred back to the brief.

Unfortunately, it’s Tessa. It just wasn’t there with Mexican and Indian fusion not combining well.

And that’s that. We’ve got our top six, and Tessa is outie.

There are some tears. She’s bummed but happy. Andy reminds her that she’s got this and she’s got so much to do after.

She elbow bumps everyone before heading out the door. It’s honestly still so weird not seeing everyone hugging the eliminated contestant, but at least now they can elbow bump. I don’t think they could even do that earlier on.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12 E50 – Recap

There’s only a few episodes left, and we’re getting to the pointy end of the stick.

Today is Immunity, and the contestants come in to find closhes with a letter next to it.

The judges stand and stare

Andy tells the that each letter is the first letter of the ingredient. They chose a letter and without tasting it (sight, smell) must identify what the ingredient is. They’ll get seven guesses and everything they guess correctly is their pantry.
Of course, they also get their usual staples.

First up is Callum who picks Q. Jock brings over the plate. it’s Quark.
Next is Laura with M. It’s Moreton Bay Bugs.
Poh does P, getting Persimmon.
Callum goes with S for Sawtooth Coriander
Laura: F – Flax Seed
Poh: B – incorrect guess, was Barbary
Callum – G: Gochujang
Laura: L – Logan Fruit
Poh: C – guessed incorrect, was caraway
Callum: K – Kangaroo
Laura: J – Jerusalem Artichokes
Poh: D – Duck
Callum: R – Rabbit
Laura: H – Halva
Poh: T – Tarragon
Callum: E – Eggplant
Laura: A – Amaranth
Poh: O – Octopus
Callum: N – Nashi Pear
Laura: W – Watercress
Poh: Y – Yuzu

Alright, that means the final pantry is:
Callum: Quark, Sawtooth Coriander, Gochujang, Kangaroo, Rabbit, Eggplant and Nashi Pear.
Laura: Moreton Bay Bug, Flax Seeds, Logan Fruit, Jerusalem Artichokes, Halva, Amaranth and Watercress.
Poh: Persimmon, Duck, Tarragon, Octopus, Yuzu.

They have to use at least one of those ingredients, the garden is not in play, and there’s no big pantry.

Mel reminds them of the stakes and starts their 60 minutes.


Poh is making notes and plans before she starts cooking, which is wild.

I miss most of the cooking because I just don’t understand anything. You may be pleased to know I’m now able to cook eggs, and have perfected runny fried eggs. I’ve even got a signature breaky roll, which my finacee loves for breakfast in bed. MasterChef 2021, here I come! Haha! No, I’d probably give the judges food poisoning in the audition 😛

Time ends as everyone is putting the finishing touches on.

Alright, whose cuisine will reign supreme? Who will be safe from Sunday’s elimination?

First to taste is Poh.

Smoked Duck Breast with Charred Persimmon and Octopus Emulsion

Andy says Poh has knocked it out of the park, it’s beautiful and well done. Jock says there’s a umami hit there. The duck is cooked perfectly and they all agree it’s a delicious dish.

Next up is Callum.

Barbequed Kangaroo with Rabbit Kidney, Gochujung Eggplant and Pickled Nashi

The kangaroo was a bit overcooked and one side wasn’t very cooked. Jock is very pedantic going, “You can see three quarters here,” as he points at a section of the kangaroo with a knife.
Jock wasn’t a big fan of that one kidney, but the rest of. thedish was great.

Finally, Laura.

Brown Butter Bugs with Jerusalem Artichoke, Watercress and Roasted Bug Oil

Look, I’m going to be honest, every time they say bug, or refer to the Moreton Bay Bug as just ‘bug’, I think of, like, crickets, when everyone’s like, ‘One day, we’ll all eat crickets and bugs’. Seeing roasted bug oil makes me a bit like hmmm…

Mel says the dish “vibrated with energy”, and said everything came together.
Andy says the acidity is perfect in the watercress.
Jock talks about how it’s great when she doesn’t cook pasta because things tick a bit more (although he does enjoy a Laura pasta).

Andy says Laura’s dish was well constructed and called it faultless.
Poh had a strange bunch of ingredients but created an extremely well put together dish.
Finally, Callum did a great strategy job, and everything he cooked was great, but the risk didn’t pay off with the kangaroo, and he dish was overthought.

Who’s safe? It’s Laura – her first immunity win. Huzzuh for her.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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Masterchef Aus S12E49 – Recap

It’s a Mystery Box day, and the contestants walk in to find the judges waiting at the front.

Look at em judging the contestants

After reminding us of the stakes, the judges allow the contestants to lift the lids. Underneath is milk, wattle seeds, thyme, hazelnut, parsnip, rib eye beef, caulini – a mix of cauliflower and broccoli, and prickly pair.

I’d drink the milk and sear the beef.

“Normally you’d have to use one of those ingredients in one dish,” Mel starts, “Today, however, you have to use all the ingredients across two dishes – one sweet, one savoury.”

Everyone groans as they realise the amount of effort they’ll have to put in today.

As usual, they have 75 minutes, and everyone will be tasted, however only the top three will go to immunity tomorrow.


I really wanted to watch the cooking, but I just couldn’t be bothered.

First up to taste is Callum. His first dish is Beef Tartare with Smoked Caulini, Parsnip Puree and Lavosh. His second dish is Frozen Prickly Pear Mousse wiith Hazelnut Beef Fat Praline.

Andy calls the first dish really smart and clever, a great combination.Jock said he did a fantastic job.

The dessert was wonderful and had great flavours. All three judges love it.

Next up is Tessa. She forgot her parsnip puree.

What did she end up serving? Her savoury dish is Rib Eye with Caulini and Pepper and Prickly Pear Sauce. Tessa’s sweet dish is Ice Cream Sandwich with Wattleseed and Hazelnut.

They enjoyed the savoury dish, but wonder what it would have been like with that parsnip puree she had forgotten.
The ice-cream sandwich was again very yummy, and excellent flavour. However she did forget her puree which means she’s disqualified from the immunity challenge.

Emelia is glossed over, however her dishes seem to be good, just need a bit of acidity in her savoury.
Reynold is also glossed over. Likewise, his dishes are great, however the beef was undercooked. Dessert wise, fantastic.
Reece is glossed over as well, with another undercooked beef, and a lovely dessert.

It’s Laura next, serving Burnt Parsnip Caramel and Salted Hazelnut and Wattleseed Ice Cream for dessert, and Rib Eye Steak with Parsnip Ribbons and Pickled Caulini.

Her dishes are amazing, and the judges have nothing but good things to say about each element.

Next is Poh, who is worried about her dessert.

The savoury dish is Charred Beef with Caulini and Prickly Pear Dressing, and for dessert she’s serving Fried Soufflé with Hazelnut Praline and Wattleseed Custard.

The judges love the beef dish, it’s delicious and interesting, and they like all the flavours.
As Jock goes to plate the dessert, Poh requests to look at the inside. Fortunately, it’s fine and not raw.
They also really enjoy the dessert.


The three into tomorrows Immunity Challenge is Poh, Callum and Laura.

How good?

Alright, I’ll see you then!

MasterChef Aus S12E48 – Recap

Alrightyo. So, I had planned on getting all the recaps done before the finale, and that didn’t happen…

But, MasterChef is going to start airing in the UK next Monday, I think, (hi UK readers!) so I’m going to go back to doing one recap at a time, because I’m not in a time crunch, and I’ll go back and add a “previous ep” and “next ep” for each recap, if I can be bothered lmao.

Solemn judges wait at the front for the contestants, aware of the horrors they’re about to face.

The contestants walk in to see the judges standing in front of a table of one inch cubes.

Look at em all!
Here they come!

Mel tells us that round one is a taste test. There’s 60 cubes, ranging from easy to hard. They’ll be tasting one at a time, and blindfolded.

The first four to get it wrong will go into the next round.

Callum calls it Russian Roulette with food.

Jock walks around with a bag full of numbers, and each person picks out their order.

  1. Callum
  2. Brendan
  3. Poh
  4. Laura
  5. Reynold
  6. Tessa
  7. Emelia

The first cube is taken over to Callum. As the game progressed, a cube is brought to each contestant and they smell, touch, and taste the food before guessing.

Now, this is just the order in which we see them (you’re so lucky I’m such a stickler haha) but at 19, Mel calls it number 31, and I feel cheated that we didn’t see more to be honest, but it be like that I suppose. Feel free to skim the list, or skip altogether, I’ll say who’s in round two after the tasting anyway.

  1. Carrot – guessed correctly by Callum
  2. Apple – guessed correctly by Brendan
  3. Banana – guessed correctly by Poh
  4. Beetroot – guessed correctly by Laura
  5. Orange – guessed correctly by Reynold
  6. Celery – guessed incorrectly by Tessa, who guessed Celeriac, making her the first into round two.
  7. Tomato – guessed correctly by Emelia
  8. Pineapple – guessed correctly by Callum
  9. Zucchini – guessed correctly by Brendan (although Jock jokingly said it wasn’t, causing panic)
  10. Pumpkin – guessed correctly by Poh
  11. Cauliflower – guessed correctly by Laura
  12. Lamb – guessed correctly by Reynold
  13. Beef – guessed correctly by Emelia
  14. Rock Melon – guessed correctly by Callum
  15. Cucumber – guessed correctly by Brendan
  16. Bacon – guessed correctly by Poh
  17. Avocado – guessed correctly by Laura
  18. Feta Cheese – guessed correctly by Reynold
  19. Radicchio – guessed correctly by Emelia
  20. Chicken – guessed correctly by Callum
  21. Salmon – guessed correctly by Brendan
  22. Blue Cheese – guessed correctly by Poh
  23. Cheddar Cheese – guessed correctly by Laura
  24. Ham – guessed incorrectly by Reynold, who guessed Turkey, making him second into round two
  25. Broccoli – correctly guessed by Emelia
  26. Lemon – guessed correctly by Callum
  27. Tuna – guessed correctly by Brendan
  28. Salami – guessed correctly by Poh
  29. Pear – guessed correctly by Laura
  30. Strawberry – guessed correctly by Emelia
  31. Radish – guessed correctly by Callum
  32. Lime – guessed incorrectly by Brendan, who guessed Pomelo, making him third into round two.
  33. Liquorice – guessed correctly by Poh
  34. Parmesan Cheese – guessed correctly by Laura (cube 41)
  35. Pawpaw – guessed correctly by Emelia
  36. Brussel Sprout – guessed correctly by Poh
  37. Kiwi Fruit – guessed correctly by Laura
  38. Pork Belly – guessed correctly by Emelia
  39. Grapefruit – guessed correctly by Callum
  40. Durian – guessed correctly by Poh
  41. Cream Cheese – guessed by Emelia
  42. Star Fruit – guessed correctly by Callum
  43. Persimmon – guessed correctly by Poh (cube 52)
  44. Fried Tofu – guessed correctly by Laura
  45. Parsnip – guessed correctly by Emelia
  46. Horseradish – guessed correctly by Callum
  47. Feijoa – guessed correctly by Poh
  48. Honey Dew – guessed correctly by Laura
  49. Kohlrabi – guessed incorrectly by Emelia, who guessed Daikon on cube 58, and is the fourth and final person into round two.

The final two cubes where Bitter Melon and Hekima.

Poh, Laura and Callum head upstairs with Reece.

In round two is Tessa, Reynold, Brendan and Emelia.

Behind the judges are five tables that represent basic taste. In order: bitter, salty, sweet, sour, umami.

They need to cook a balanced dish from each of the pantries. The key focus is balance.

Andy reminds them of what’s on the line – a position in the top seven.

They have 60 minutes, with the regular staples and the foods on the tables – no big pantry and no garden.

Time starts.


Ok, look, I was really trying to watch the cooking, but I just didn’t care, so I watched TikToks instead (I’m @FelicityFeiner, but it’s mostly just LGBTQIA stuff).

First to taste is Tessa.

Scarlet Prawn Crudo with Sweet and Sour Vinaigrette and Beef Fat Belacan Oil

They really like it, and find that there is a balance with all the different types of tastes.

Mel calls it sunshine on a plate.

Next is Reynold.

Pan-Seared Duck with Beetroot Reduction, Date Puree and Barbecued Kale

Jock says although it’s not the most interesting dish, it is very well balanced. Andy agrees.

Mel says visually it is dramatic.

Third is Brendan.

Lobster Noodles in Seafood Broth

The judges say it wasn’t balanced enough, and was too umami, which would be fine any other day, however as the challenge is to balance, it’s just not there.

Mel and Jock talk about how having a umami bomb is great, and chefs search for how to get that, and Brendan has it absolutely, but it’s a hinderance in this particular challenge.

Brendan could be in trouble,

Finally, Emelia.

Chocolate and Vegemite Parfait with Yogurt and Rhubarb

She’s a bit worried about having done such a risky dish for the judges, but it’s in their hands now.

The judges first talk about the skill, howe the Vegemite brings just enough salt. Mel calls the texture a luxury to consume, and Andy compliments the balance.


“There’s no doubt,” Andy says, “that the pressure has gone up a few levels.”

First, the best of the day – Tessa. Confident cooking, perfectly combining all the balanced elements.

However one dish missed the brief, although a lot of umami is normally wonderful, Brendan just missed it today.

Which means Brendan is eliminated. Mel enthuses about his dumplings and says it’s the best that this kitchen has ever seen.

The judges give him an elbow bump each, and the contestants clap as they also give him elbow bumps on his way out.

So, Plate of Origin (P.O.O.) is set to debut soon, with Matt and Gary at the helm, along with Manu from My Kitchen Rules.

Now that MasterChef has ended for the year, I’ve thought about doing POO recaps, or if I’m just not feeling the first episode, then a review, but I want to know if this is something you’d be interested in.

While I’ve got you here, I’d really appreciate a quick click from you for the poll below. Thank you!

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MasterChef Aus S12E45, 46, 47 – Recaps

Ok, this. is when it started being three episodes a week – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. So I’ll do the blocks by weeks, so three episodes for this block.

Episode 45 – Sunday 14th June – Elimination

Safe from tonight is Reece who won Thursday’s immunity challenge.

The contestants arrive to the garden to see it set up with what appears to be street food stalls.

Four safe in round one, four into round two, where one will go home.
Round one is all about street food. There’s Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Lebanese, and they’ll be cooking in pairs.

Andy comes around with a bag for them to pick a token with a cuisine on it.

Orange/Indian: Laura, Emelia.
Brown/Lebanese: Poh, Callum
Red/Chinese: Khanh, Reynold
Yellow/Mexican: Brendon, Tessa

Joining the contestants today is chef Charlie Carrington from Atalas.

Two street food dishes using only the pantry available outside and of course the garden. They have 75 minutes, with the best four safe.


Tasting time. Photos as usual.

First is Mexican, Tessa and Brendon, serving Blue-Eye Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa and Fried Black Beans, and Agave and Lime Glazed Quail with Charred Corn, Pineapple Hot Sauce and Jalapeno Salsa.
The judges really enjoyed it, and everything was delicious.

Next to taste is Indian, Emelia and Laura, who went to India together after their season. They’re serving Pani Puri with Scallop and Cucumber Ceviche, and Tandoori Prawns with Naan, Curry Sauce and Yoghurt.
The judges enjoyed the dish, but there were too many flavours and they overpowered the prawns. The Pani Puri texture was like a stale biscuit.

It’s Team China time, with Reynold and Khanh. They’re serving Fried Rice with Lap Cheong, Shrimp, and Chicken Scratchings, and Pork and Chinese Cabbage Dumpling with Plack Vinegar and Soy Dressing.
The rice needed something a bit fresher, it was nice but not great. The rice was quite greasy. The dumplings however were great.

Finally, Lebanon with Callum and Poh, serving Grilled Prawns with Fried Heads and Pistachio and Herb Hommus, and Lamb Shoulder with Baba Ganoush, Pomegranate Salad and Flatbread.
The prawn was cooked perfectly. It hit the mark in terms of simplicity. The lamb was a bad choice for 75 minutes, and it was dry.

Decision time.

Into round two is China and India, so Khanh, Reynold, Emelia and Reynold.
They change into black aprons, and head inside.

Inside is a big map of the world wit pins in certain places.

Round two is about cuisine from around the world, but making a modern fine dining spin on the cuisine.

They have sixty minutes to cook sweet or savoury. Time starts and they get going.

I skip the cooking because I’ve got to get ready for work in about ten minutes.

First to taste is Reynold, serving Confit Blue-Eye with Celeriac Puree, Peas, Chive Oil and Wine Sauce.
Visually very appealing. It’s technically perfect French. The fish was on the edge of not being perfect, but it was excellent. Reynold is clearly safe.

Next is Khanh with Gà Kho Gung.
Jock finds a bone. Uh oh. Not everything worked as it should have. It’s not looking good for Khanh.

It’s Laura next, serving Coq Au Vin.
It’s more rustic than fine dining, however the elements were excellent.

Finally, Emelia with her Paris-Brest Petit Fours.
It’s crispy, it’s great, it’s fancy, they call it textbook perfect.

Decision time.

Safe today is Reynold and Emelia, leaving it between Khanh and Laura.

Unfortunately, as Khanh is my favourite, he’s out. He ends by saying everything gets better and things will work out, aw he’s so wonderful.

Ok, next episode.

MasterChef Aus S12Ep 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 – Recaps

Alright, we’re here. So Callum was the first into the top 10, and now we’re going to find out who the rest of our top ten is.

Episode 40 – Sunday 7th June – Elimination

Today is elimination. Callum is the only one safe.

Round one is a savoury pie and sauce. It must be fully encased in pastry. They have 90 minutes, an open pantry and access to the garden.

Time starts and everyone runs, and I skip to the tasting.

Time ends. The pies literally look like pies, so I’ll just say what everyone cooked for this round.

First is Poh with a Coq Au Vin Pie with Smoked Cheddar Crust, Pea and Mint Sauce.
They enjoy the quantity and quality of the filling as well as the taste of the sauce.

Next is Khanh who made Coconut and Chicken Pie with Pickled Chili Sauce and Salad.
The filling was lovely but the pastry was not ready.

Brendon’s next with a Mauritian Beef Curry Pie with Coriander Mint Yoghurt Sauce.
They love it! So much! Very delicious.

Next is Simon with Beef and Stout Pie with Tomato Chilli Chutney, as well as a beer each.
While nice and gravy, it’s not very flavoursome.

Sarah’s next with a Pork Belly Pie with Crispy Crackling and Apple Sauce. Oh my god, I would eat that in a heart beat!
The gravy inside really soaked up and isn’t there, the pork is dry. Sarah’s disapointed, as is Mel.

Up is Reece. He made a Wallaby and Pepperberry Pie with Davidson Plum Ketchup.
The pastry doesn’t look great, and he’s disappointed. Jock says that’s the best filling all day, however the pastry is not good, but the sauce is excellent for the pie. Alas, the pastry let him down.

Laura did a pork and fennel pie with tomato chilli relish. Mel says it’s good.
Emelia did a chicken pancetta and leek pie with tomato and apple chutney. Jock says that’s the best chicken pie he’s had.

Tessa brings up gravy, sweet tomato sauce, and slices of tomato, just like how her grandma used to serve with pies. it’s called Josie Pye’s Pie.
Sadly, it’s not great, but the judges loved the story behind it.

Next is Reynold, with a Chicken and Leek Pie with Tomato Chilli Jam.
The pastry is raw and the chicken is overcooked.

It’s decision time.

Into round two is: Sarah, Reynold, Simon, Tessa.

Time for round two. The judges ask for their dish that represents their Australia. They can do whatever as long as they can explain why this is Australia to them.

They have 60 minutes to bring their Australia on a plate, with open pantry and garden. They can have 30 seconds to plate up in the tasting room if they choose.

It’s time to taste, because I skipped all the cooking.

We’re back to photos, huzzah!

First up is Reynold who did his take on a Cherry Ripe, with a bit of an opera house feel. It’s a Chocolate Mousse, Coconut Gelato with Blood Lime and Cherry Compote, and Native Citrus.
The judges think it’s very rich, but other elements cut across the palate. They talk about how the cherry ripe is represented here, which they really like. Overall, big fans.

Next is Sarah. She did Charcoal Chicken, which was marinated in South East Asian flavours. She tells the judges about her history, how her mum used to eat charcoal chicken when she first moved here and continued it with her and her siblings.
They wanted it more charred, but also enjoyed the coriander sauce. The chicken was perfectly cooked, and everything worked so well, except the potatoes which didn’t feel like they had a role on the plate.

Tessa is third and plates up a bit extra before serving. She made Braised Pork Belly with Pickled Cucumber and Ginger, and Indigenous Flavours.
The judges called it Tessa to a t. But it was the wrong piece of protein for that cook. They said the pork was dry and says using a pressure cooker was a bad choice for her, however everything else was really good.

Finally, Simon. He made Naked Broccoli. It looks disgusting.
Before they taste, they all comment on how it looks terrible compared to, like, Reynold. The flavour better be there, is all Andy can say on the matter…
It’s not what the judges were told he’d cook, and what he said about why it’s Australia, veggies being the future, wasn’t here. It’s not even ugly delicious.


It’s time for the results.

After a bit of feedback, they judges tell Reynold and Tessa they’re safe.

It’s down to Sarah and Simon. They tell Sarah she’s safe, which means Simon is out, which I’m relieved about because I didn’t like him last season, I don’t like him now.

Alright, next ep!

MasterChef Australia Recap

MasterChef Aus S12EPS 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39 – Recap

Goodness gracious, I’m back!

So, good news (or bad news, depending on how you see it haha), my work hours have been significantly cut (damn COVID), so I’ve got like 4 days off, and 22 episodes to watch (easy peasy, I’m a champion binge watcher).

Here’s the plan: I’ll post recaps in chunks of five, a new page for each recap. Bear with, though, as I’ve never done multiple pages like that before, so it might be a bit weird. I’ll aim to get photos with it, but one episode usually takes me like an hour and a half to get everything together, so it will likely be more like when I did that last big binge than usual episode recaps, but we’ll see what happens.

With finals week right around the corner, I’m aiming to be up to date so we can have all the episodes done and ready when MasterChef officially ends.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


EPisode 34 – Thursday 28th May – Immunity

In for immunity today is Khanh, Jess, Reynold, Poh, and Brendon.

Andy, Mel and Jock wait for the top five at the front

“Today’s challenge is all about telling a story, and the story you need to tell is under here,” Mel tells them, pointing to the hidden items.

The stories are: Goldilocks, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, the Ugly Duckling, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White.

I’ve always been a Snow White fan, so much so that when I cut my hair, I inadvertently got a Snow White hair cut.

So they choose a story and use it as inspiration, with unlimited possibilities, a real creative dish.

They have the pantry and garden access, with 75 minutes. The winner will have immunity for Sunday.

Time starts, and as I have so many episodes to watch and I don’t care about the cooking aspect of this show, I skip further ahead.

Time ends, and tasting begins. What I’ll do is put all the photos together and then run through what the judges say, and all that jazz.

First is Khanh with the Kladdkaka with Rose Ice Cream and Strawberries, inspired by Beauty and the Beast. He brought it out on a glass stand with a bell jar closh to put on top (image two).
Although a new dessert to the judges, they all really enjoyed it, full of flavour, surprised by a cake from Khanh. Mel calls it a bit romantic and dramatic. Andy would have preferred a sliver than a wedge. They all love the flavours.

Next is Reynold with a chocolate bowl. He pours hot caramel into it to make a rabbit hole effect (image four) to his dish, Down the Rabbit Hole, inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
They’re in awe of the dish, shocked at how quickly it was conceived of, and Mel calls it a bombshell, a real back to win dish. They all love it.

Poh did a Tofu Bloom with Dried Scallop Broth and Fried Rice. She wanted to use humble ingredients to make a great dish, inspired by the Ugly Duckling.
Andy describes the dish as a warm hug from grandma. They all love the broth. However, the rice is slightly undercooked.

Brendon’s up, also doing a Beauty and the Beast inspired dish called Hakien.
Andy feels like this is more of a dish Brendon wanted to cook and just shoed it into this brief. The presentation could have been better, the dipping sauce doesn’t really stand out. It’s a good dish, but just not for today and this brief.

Finally, Jess, inspired by Goldilocks, with her dish called The One Who Got Away. Each sphere has something different inside (image eight) – the first sphere has nothing inside, the second one has a yogurt and the third is a mango thing.
Mel feels like there’s a bit too many elements and crammed too much in a dish. Andy feels like she’s bit off more than she can chew.


It’s time for the decision.

Andy gives them all compliments, before the get into who the best was.
Mel calls it a one-horse race, hitting the brief out of the kingdom.
The winner is Reynold, his first immunity ever. He never got immunity in his season, apparently.

Reynold and Emelia have immunity for Sunday.

Alright, next page for the elimination.

I think I jinxed myself by writing that I have no hours. I suddenly got phone call after phone call from my bosses giving me work so, I guess this weekend is the best shot I’ve got to get everything done. Let’s crack on!

MasterChef Australia Recap

MasterChef Aus S12E33 – Recap

Hello, hello! It’s MasterChef time!

So, Tuesday, there was no elim – we got an additional immunity for Sunday, and for wowing everyone, Emelia will be safe! Huzzuh!

It’s Mystery Box day, with the top fighting for immunity again tomorrow. Let’s get into it.

Oh, before we start, I’ve got a Hot Tip, once again from my beautiful girl. I swear, she knows more about MasterChef than I do sometimes, and she doesn’t even watch the episodes (does she read the recaps? Who’s to say?).
Anyway, Reynold recently apologised for homophobic rants online, where he said homosexuality is a mental illness and said all the gays should be put on an island. Here’s a link to the full article. Opens in new tab.

Do these revelations change the way you think about Reynold? Let me know your thoughts.

I’m also kinda watching Glee on the side, because I”m gay, but I won’t let it distract me, except for the cooking time, I don’t care for the cooking.

All the contestants walk in to find the benches set with a mystery box and the judges waiting for them at the front. Emelia walks up to stare at them from the roof, because she can’t get immunity again. The judges say she won’t have to cook for the rest of the week.

Jock tells them not to mess around, and to open the lid.

Inside is a picture of them as a kid – a photo sent in from a loved one. It’s super cute, people are getting a bit teary. Mel asks them to explain. It’s sweet. Khanh starts crying as he talks about his photo and his past. He was a little kid, and it was their first day coming to Aus from a refugee camp, where he was born. Aww I love him even more now.

And then on Glee, stuff happened and it was more interesting than hearing about the meaning behind pictures, but I looked back to see a lot of tears, and Mel crying from the photos.

Andy tells them to take inspiration from their photo and make a great dish. The garden and pantry are open today. The best four will go into immunity tomorrow. Their time, sixty minutes, start.


Honest;y, I completely missed the entire cook, so let’s jump straight to the tasting, which is truely the most important thing..

First to taste is Callum.

Callum talks about how his father passed while he was a kid and he started cooking for the fam, which is where his love of food came from.

The judges love it, they think it’s delicious and sellable.

Next is Brendon.

Dan Dan Noodles.

Brendon says his grandma taught him to make noodles from scratch, and he plates up for the judges.

“It’s a plate of food that’s really not you,” Andy says, describing Brendon as a gentle person, but the dish as an angry, fiery one.

They adore it.

It’s Poh time.

Vegetarian Dan Dan Noodles

Poh talks about her dad and how this dish was inspired by him.

The judges get their dishes and are all taking a bit to deal with their hot mouths.

Mel says the dish looks so gentle and subtle but it’s waves of spice etc which is great, and “triumphant”. “I feel great privilege in eating it.”

Next is Jess, who has cooked a Hazelnut Chocolate Crack with Dark Chocolate Tia Maria Mousse – a play on Ferrero Rocher.

Andy gets super excited when cracking his. “It’s like an egg!”

The judges have one each and crack them open, to reveal many layers inside. Andy gets Jess to go through each layer, before tasting.

Jock says it doesn’t taste anything like a Ferrero Rocher, but it’s one of the best desserts he’s eaten all year. He goes on to talk about all the positive things with the dish – everything – and how it’s amazing she did it in 60 minutes.

They absolutely enthuse on her skills.

Next is Khanh

Chao Ga with Dau Chao Quay

Andy says this dish is packed in with so many emotional flavour, and he feels like it’s a hug from Khanh.

They absolutely love it, and it’s lovely.

A few people come up and share their dishes and inspiration (Laura, Simon, Sarah, Tessa, ) and then we’re back to getting photos.

It’s Reece.

Nan’s Sponge Cake with Passionfruit Butter, Vanilla Orange Cream

Jock gets particularly emotional, as he connects to this dish a lot.

Andy again swears he doesn’t actually like cake, but he likes this.

Final dish, it’s Reynold with a dish called Bali Sunrise, the name of his parents restaurant.

The judges love that it looks like a coconut, and are surprised to see the green when they crack it open.
Jock asks Reynold to run through the elements. I cannot tell you what the green is, I’m sorry.

They’re shocked, like Jess’, that he got that made in 60 minutes. Jock says the dessert techniques are commendable.

It’s time for the results.


Jock says they couldn’t pick just four, which is unprecedented, just like these unprecedented times. They decided to pick a top five.

Those going into immunity are: Jess, Poh, Brendon, Kahn, and Reynold.

And that’s the episode! How good.

As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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