Wings of lace – short story

A writing exercise I like to do is to button mash on my computer and get a string of random letters. I just start writing whatever comes to me, using each letter as the start of a new sentence. Every piece ends up so random and fun, and I never know where it’s going to go, or how I’ll use the letters.
Here is the string of letters for the following story: uirthnioeurghveiourgnvhauirganrgcaveirbuuahilrghmcarinfbj.

Until yesterday, I always thought the only way I could possibly fly was if I crafted my own wings out of lace and feathers. I don’t know how I many combinations I had tried in the past, but it, so far, was the only thing that worked.

Really, it can be a combination of any lace like fabric and something light, like feathers or wool.

The thing is this – I love to fly. Having the ability to fly is possibly the best feeling in the world. Nothing and nobody could stop me flying.

I had my lace and feather wings in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, when my mum burst into the laundry.

“Oh, you didn’t put anything in there,” she paused as she pointed at the machine, “because I was about to put the whites in with the bleach.”

Everything started to fall down around me, realising my beautiful wings were being tossed gently around in bleach.

Unfortunately, not even frantic pressing of buttons and slamming open of the door could stop the bleach from pooling in the water at the bottom of the machine, my wings a dead bird ball.

Reaching in, I pulled out the lace, feathers falling down in wet limps.


“Honey, I’m so sorry,” mum frowned at the feather slush. “Very sorry.”

Even though I knew it probably wouldn’t help with anything, tears started to cascade down my face. I couldn’t look at the chaos anymore, and I closed my eyes as I turned away.

Only flying could help fix my mood, and the only known contraption I had was ruined. Unless I could find something to replace it straight away, I knew I was going to be in a slump forever.

Right then, my mum put her hand on my shoulder and said, “You know, you don’t need to make wings, right?”

Grinning at me, mum took my hand and pulled me to my room. No-one can help me to calm down the way my mum does. Virtually nothing could calm me down except wings, so I wasn’t sure what could possibly work, given the mess.

“How about this?” mum asked, pulling a makeshift set of wings from the back of my wardrobe.

“Actually, they’re just a prototype and can’t fly.”

“Unless these are specifically made not to fly, then I’m certain these will work.”

I looked at the poorly constructed lace and the bits of wool haphazardly tied on. Reflecting on it, these wings hadn’t seen the light of day in several years, and I wasn’t sure they could handle the sky.

Grasping the loose ends, I sighed.


Nothing could cheer me up, except for wings. Right now, I was accepting of the fact I’d have to give these makeshifts a try. Granted, these were the first attempts at making wings, and there was a slim chance of these working, but they were my best bet.

Cuddling under the lace, I felt the tough “soft” wool pressing against my bare shoulders. And I wasn’t scared. Various pairs of wings had made me worried about trying them. None had worked, but my lace and feathers were the only ones that felt right, and it worked. Even though they were ruined, and all I had left was this shamble of an attempt, I wasn’t scared.

I stood at the edge of the roof, looking down at the landing spots of my failed attempt, and then up at my target – the biggest cloud in the sky.

“Ready?” mum called from the ground.

Bracing myself, I took a few steps back, and readied myself. Usually, it was a run up, throwing myself out to the wind and hope for the best. Until my last wings, I had ended down on the ground, not feeling the greatest. And I felt comfortable, like the last pair, ready to propel my across the sky, not anticipating a fall.

Holding onto the little edges, I held out my arms, feeling the wingspans.

I started to run those few steps to the edge, closed my eyes, and leapt.

Leaping into the air, there was a moment where my stomach dropped, feeling like there was a chance of falling. Regardless, I pushed that small feeling aside and threw my arms open.

Getting into the air was never the problem, it was staying there, and for a minute, I was pretty sure I was actually falling. However, I opened my eyes and found myself dipping into a soar.

Mum started to cheer, and I beamed, looking up at the trees in front of me.

Could it be that these initial wings were just as good as my favourite?

As I flew higher and higher, the house grew smaller, mum became a dot in the green, and the clouds grew closer. Reaching into the clouds, I thought about how sad I had been not long ago, worried I’d never get into the air again, to feel the clouds, and scare the birds.

I felt so free, my wings feeling so comfortable against my skin. Never had I flown without the ends of feathers pricking me.

Falling was always scary, but the nose-dive to the backyard was always tough. Bringing my wings around my body, I let gravity throw me back.

Just as I started to gracefully descend, a bird flew into me, throwing off my concentration, and propelling me in an un-ladylike fashion toward the ground.

MasterChef Aus S13 – The Recap Plan

Hello! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, especially as MasterChef season 13 approaches, with ads promising an incredible showcase of talent from cooks around Australia. I’d normally be frothing with excitement!

Season 13 is due to premier on Monday the 19th of April at 7:30pm.

Now, excited may I be, this year, unfortunately, I won’t be able to do any recaps. Lately, I have been working a lot more, and it feels like I’m barely at home. I’m also working evenings a few days a week, so there are times when I’ll be leaving home when MasterChef starts, or on my way home during an episode. With early mornings and late finishes, I won’t have time to sneeze, let alone write a recap each day. I was disappointed to miss out on pretty much all of MAFS this year, so missing out on MasterChef is a huge blow, given the last two years.

It’s really disappointing for me, because I love doing the recaps, and sitting down while I watch an episode, putting everything together and getting feedback. Financially, though, I just can’t justify it at the moment.

I have never made any money from recaps. At all. I know I pepper in ads, but as it stands, I’ve made maybe $5.00, and WordPress can’t cash out a small amount. I pay for the domain and a premium account so I can get more out of what I’m doing so I can bring better content. While I wish I could afford to take time off work to write this year, it’s a bit financially irresponsible at this stage, especially while trying to save for a wedding.

Hopefully things next year will be a lot more calmer and I can get back to writing recaps. And, who knows, maybe a smaller show will pop up later in the year, like The Super Switch from 2019, and I can write recaps for that.

Anyway, I hope you’ve been keeping safe and well through COVID, and I look forward to writing more recaps soon!

Why I won’t be watching ‘The Prom’ (2020)

I logged onto Netflix.

New: ‘The Prom’ (2020), directed by Ryan Murphy.

Prom is written in rainbow lights – an LGBTQIA+ film?

A prom is cancelled at a high school because one of the students wants to bring her girlfriend along.

Ah, a straight person’s LGBTIQA+ film, like a lot of the “LGBTQIA+ films”, focusing on homophobia.

When I was growing up, there wasn’t a lot of queer content for me to consume.

I was an avid reader – the kid that stayed up late reading under the covers with a torch, reading in the car, and always a book in hand. Most of the media I consumed came from books. I grew up with heterosexual themes, and even though I did mental gymnastics to justify small things, like glancing (or not) at the bra shop when we were at the mall, I thought I was straight, and these were my stories.

Mentions of homosexuality came up in derogatory ways. In Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging (Louise Rennison, 1999), the only mention of homosexuality was the PE teacher being a lesbian, because she walks into the locker room when the girls were changing after class.

To be gay was a bad thing.

I was dealing with internalised homophobia and compulsory heterosexuality, feeling like I had to be straight, I had to have the same relationships as my peers, as the characters in books, tv shows, and movies.

Finally, we’re at a stage where queer young people are existing in media. Finally, a closeted kid can watch a movie or show directed at them and see representation. We don’t have to be looking to adult oriented content – YA media is presenting queer characters.

But at what cost?

So much LGBTQIA+ content features queerphobia as a main theme – whether transphobia or homophobia (because the bi’s are ignored). The protagonist has to try and justify their existence as a queer person in their community, forge their own identity, while still dealing with rampant homosexuality.

When we present representation to young people in media with it focusing on how normal it is to experience homophobia, we’re telling the young person that this is something they have to deal with – everyone experiences homophobia.

But that’s not the case, nor should it be.

Having a story with LGBTQIA+ characters and actors isn’t revolutionary when the story focuses on homophobia.

As a society, as people who consume or create media, we need to move away from the idea that any representation, no matter how small, how insignificant, or how problematic, is good. We need to be demanding, to consuming, and to creating content where homophobia isn’t present, and isn’t a key theme.

I don’t want to watch a movie about kids who bully a gay. I don’t want to watch a movie about a young queer person who is, statistically speaking, significantly more likely to commit suicide because of their sexuality. I don’t want to perpetuate the idea that representation of young people must revolve around the idea that being bullied for your sexuality is acceptable in any way shape or form.

Why would I want to watch a movie about adults bullying a girl, banning an entire prom so one (1) LGBTQIA+ young person can’t attend, and causing her to be a social pariah from the straight student body?

“Oh, but it’s presented as a bad thing, Felicity!” It shouldn’t even be presented at all.

Homophobia doesn’t add character. Media for young adults needs to move significantly far away from having homophobia as a theme.

It increases the risk of young people dying, of young people being afraid to come out, of young people being ashamed of who they are.

No, I won’t be watching ‘The Prom’, and neither should you.

MasterChef Aus S12E61 – Recap

This is it, the last episode of the season!

What will we do without it? … well, Junior MasterChef, and of course waiting for next season!

To kick off the 61st episode, we get a recap of the last 60 episodes, and Mel, Jock and Andy fawning over decadent foods.

They remind us of the friendships made and how devastating it was when people left, with a crying montage.

The drama is only just starting, as we haven’t even gotten to the title montage yet.

Ok, in case you missed it, Laura and Emelia are in the grand final, after a devastated Reynold was booted last episode.

Laura reminds us that she came second in her season, and she intends to win.
But Emelia has the same plan, having fought tooth and nail to get here.

The fancy black cars pull up, not very environmentally friendly, but I guess that’s the COVID nature.

The old contestants line up to greet them in

Standing in two rows, the elimintated contestants stand in a row, clapping them in. Emelia and Laura are so excited as they pass their friends. Waiting for the duo at the end is the three judges, having almost finished their first season together.

The judges are all looking super cute

They all mill around, a reminisent of pre-COVID times, and I start to wonder if that’s a legal amount of people in one space?

“Well,” Jock says, “what an entrance – and so it should be!”

Emelia cries telling the judges that she’s tried so hard, and stuff, I zone out a bit at tears.

“I said at the begining that if anyone was going to beat me, I wanted it to be Loz,” Emelia says. “I didn’t mean now, though.”

Everyone laughs.

Mel starts to tell them what the grand final challenge is. It’s a service challenge, with three courses, for the three judges and all their eliminated friends, so over 60 plates each.

They have free reign of the pantry, and 4 hours before service starts.

Mel starts the time and the contestants are off.


They two start by writing up their three course menu. Emelia is really thinking about the pressure of it all, especially as Laura works as a chef and does this stuff regularly, while she makes cakes.

The contestants are all milling around, not standing upstairs, which I’m a bit confused about? But I don’t know. I like it when they yell down advice and ask random questions.

Jock comes around and harasses Emelia first, asking her what her plans are.

Meanwhile, I grab a bottle of water and a container of nuts, and huddle them in my arms like a MasterChef contestant on my way to make a dish. Yes, I will be stress eating these cashews.

Talking with Laura, Jock finds out that she’s making an artichoke ice-cream, and surprisingly no pasta!

While Laura and Emelia cook, here’s a TikTok I made a little while ago that you may enjoy. Not the most flattering video of me, but I had fun lmao

What else has been happening that’s MasterChef related? Oh, I’ve gotten banned from Facebook ads because I said, “Love MasterChef?” and that’s too saucy for Facebook. Or they’re homophobic. Or both. Who’s to say. They won’t let me dispute it, so I’ve got no view on Facebook rip

Emelia’s ribs aren’t cooked enough at 50 minutes in the pressure cooker. She hadn’t accounted for this, so it’s a bit of a mess at the moment for her. Emelia doesn’t have the 20 minutes the ribs need to cook. This is a MasterChef disaster!

Nonetheless, she gets cracking on her dessert. As she talks about it, I’m really wanting to eat all the gelato in the freezer.

Callum says that he’s more keen to eat Laura’s dish, as it has a lot more native ingredients.
Laura starts to get into what she’s cooking and what the inspiration is.

“Smells delicious,” Khanh says.

It’s super lovely to see the gays back.

Disaster strikes- Laura burns her hand! Omg, she picks up the pan and the handle is so hot it burns her straight away. Oof

“I’ve lost,” Laura says in a moment of defeat, before getting her hand looked at and getting back to cooking.

Blah blah blah, Emelia’s beef is ok.

The tables are set and I’m living for the look. It’s black chairs with a white table cloth, black candles, little black tealight candle containers, and in the most iconic thing, a black rose in vases. It’s very much my aesthetic, and that’s the ultimate dream.

Ok, here’s my dream. So my birthday is right after Halloween, so a fancy dinner party, all black and white aesthetic, just like this table setting, down to the food even, I’m not fussy, you can get black pasta made with like squid ink. I don’t know. Anyway, that, and all my friends, and no music or anything, but everyone super dramatic and eating in a tense silence, because we know someone might die tonight. Meanwhile, here’s a big fireplace, a roaring fire inside, with a step up so once the plates have been cleared, I can walk and stand on the edge and say, “You’re probably wondering why I gathered you all here tonight.” and then I reveal a big secret.
The secret?
Well, you’ll just have to be invited to the dinner party.

(I apologise, I haven’t slept properly since Friday night, so I’m like yeah what a great paragraph, but also, is it??? Who’s to say.)

Everyone is seated, and soon service begins.


First is Emelia with Scallops with Turnip and Celeriac Cream and Fresh Apple

Emelia’s Entree

Mel kicks it off, saying it looks elegant, and then it’s a great eat.
Everyone really enjoys it.
“That has to be one of my favourite entrees this year,” Jock says.

We’re just over 40 minutes in and I really just want to go to bed.

Laura serves her first dish – Bonito with Lilly Pilly and Saltbush.

Laura’s Entree

“Pure genius,” Jock says.
Andy can’t help but rave about how she cooked the bonito. Jock calls it a fantastic Australian dish.
Mel says she’s used the Indigenous ingredients for their flavour and as seasoning, not as the garnish.


Emelia is straight onto getting everything happening. She’s got ice-cream to make goddamit!

She cuts up and crumbs her beef, worried about getting this dish up in time.

Laura is powering through the pain, also worried, but worried about Emelia and how great she is. She knows she needs to nail the main.

“I just need to not forget about the pork,” she says of the pork loin in the oven.

God I could go for some pork on my fork.

The pork is hot and Laura is aiming for medium rare, 52 degrees inside. Has she done it?

Yes, it’s at 51.8. Huzzuh for her.

“This is such a good win to have after I burnt my hand,” Laura says.

Meanwhile, Emelia is freaking out that there is a lot of unknown around her beef.

First to serve their main is Laura with her Wessex Saddleback Pork with Turnips, Muntries and Trio of Sauces.

Laura’s Main

Andy calls it a challenging plate of food but, “… in such a good way!”
Jock calls the sauce brilliant and goes over bits and pieces that he enjoys. Mel talks about the things she likes, such as the fat, and calls the muntries ‘magical’.

Next is Emelia with Beef Short Rib with Pepper and Onion.

Emelia’s Main

Andy commends her for keeping her head with that beef. It’s still moist and is well cooked, so she did everything at just the right moment.
“Never before has a meat and two veg been so magnificent,” Jock says, almost lost for words at how good it is.
Mel says Emelia’s savoury dishes are really great, like her desserts. “I think she has made the right choice to commit to making it exactly as she wanted it.”

Andy talks about how cool it is that they’re best friends but very different in how they cook.
Jock pretty much says it’ll come down to the dessert.

They get some short clips of old contestants raving about one or the other dish.


Emelia talks about the flavours she needs to balance to get the dessert just right. Nothing of concern from her.

“This is the last dish the MasterChef Judges will get from me in this kitchen ever!” she tells us, before going on to talk about Laura’s dishes.

Laura has a bit of a cry.

There’s a mysterious beeping noise and everyone runs around to see what it was. Laura realises it’s her freezer – it was left open.

Hopefully it doesn’t cause any dramas….

First is Laura with her Jerusalem Artichoke Gelato with Caramel, Crispy Sin and Cumqat Gel

Laura’s Dessert

Straight up, there’s a few issues with this dish. The gelato is icy.
Andy says it’s not as artichoke-y as he expected, but it’s not a bad thing.
Mel calls it familiar, comforting and warm.

Finally, for the last ever tasting for this season, for Laura and Emelia in the MasterChef kitchen, it’s Emelia’s dish.

She’s serving Pistachio Financier with Davidson Plum and Raspberry Sorbet and Meringue.

Emelia’s Dessert

The judges love this dish, they have nothing but good things to say about it.


The two ladies have a bit of a sob that they’re done, before it’s time for the results.

“Laura, Emelia, in a moment, one of you will finally get your hands on this amazing trophy,” Mel tells them, as well as reminding them of the rewards the winner will get.

Andy goes through the entrees, Jock the mains, and finally Mel does the desserts, saying this course decided the winner.

Mel announces Emelia the winner of MasterChef 2020!

“Are you serious?” she asks several times.

Laura and Emelia embrace, both crying.

Andy tells Laura that it was so close, so so close. Laura says she’s gutted, but she’s proud of Emelia.

I’m really getting sick of the tears, to be honest, but that might be because I’m tired, and a bit hungry. I’ve had to watch so many amazing dishes this epsiode.

Jock gives Laura $30,000 and Reynold $20,000.

Emelia hoists her trophy up high

And that’s MasterChef Aus 2020!

How crazy that it’s all over!


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E59 – Recap

It’s elimination night, and someone will be going home, leaving us with our top 3 for 2020. I’m keen as a bean to find out if Laura, Callum or Reynold will be leaving tonight.

The contestants arrive to find the judges waiting in front of a pantry. Emelia runs upstairs, avoiding the looming doom.

Mel reminds Emelia that she’s the first officially in the top three.

“My heart is thumping, and I don’t know if it’s just because I walked up those stairs or if I’m worried for everyone,” Emelia laughs.

Jock tells everyone it’s a two round challenge. The winner of the first will go up with Emelia and be officially in the top three. However fail to impress in both rounds and they finish 4th this season.

Jock then goes on to tell them about the pantries behind them. There are two!

First is every day ordinary, found in everyone’s pantry. The second, however, is the ‘extrodinary’ pantry, with stuff like caviar, lobsters, french cheese, etc. Round one, they can cook with either pantry, but round two means they have to cook with the other pantry.

Andy reminds them they’re looking for the best dish with the other two going into round two, one joining the top three and the other out of here.

He starts the 75 minutes, and the contestants are off.


All three of the contestants have gone to the extraordinary pantry, trying to come up with an amazing dish to wow the judges into the top three.

Callum talks about his strategy as he dissects a duck.

Meanwhile, Laura is choosing three big flavours.

“Good staring, Reynold! Keep doing that!” Emelia shouts, as Reynold stands and stares at his bench.

Reynold talks about how he got out of his season, and is doing a redemption fish dish. Ooh, redemption dishes can really go one of two ways, which we’ve seen this season. I think maybe Poh did one that didn’t go fab, and Emelia did a great job.

Both Callum and Laura struggle to use a cork screw, the one with the arms.

Then, Callum tells us that he’s going to suck up to Jock use Indigenous flavours, flavours he’s learnt this season from Jock. which is lovely. Still a bit salty about how they didn’t include an Indigenous person in last year’s Indigenous week, but I digress.

Andy yells about the stakes again with 45 minutes to go.

Mel, Jock and Andy discuss how interesting it would be if Reynold’s elimination dish in his season got him a place in the top 3. Last time, he was kicked out at 4th, so he’s hoping it’s not a repeat.

Laura talks about how she’s doing a simple dish with extraordinary ingredients.

Mel yells about the stakes with 30 minutes remaining. What’s with the judges reminding the contestants in every second sentence about the stakes?!

Emelia asks Reynold what’s he’s doing. “I’m making a flower,” he calls back, before telling us about how he ate food in Copenhagen once.

Andy calls Emelia a queen and tells the contestants they’ve only got 15 minutes.

“Everything tastes as it should,” Callum say, which is relieving. “But I think I need something else.”

Ooh, them dangerous words, son.

“It can be overpowering,” he says, adding wattleseed salt to his duck. “It’s a risk.”

Ten minutes are left, and everyone’s pretty happy with how they’re going so far, which is good to hear, you don’t want to hear that they’e going terrible or anything.

Reynold is cooking his fish over the fire, making sure it gets charred but not overcooked. Hah, me with noodles.

He goes to flip it, but disaster strikes.

Stuck fish! Oh no!

“I feel like, right now, history’s repeating itself,” Reynold says, examining the skin of the fish.

It’s stuck. He takes it off, and it’s torn, unusable.

He only has one more fillet left, and if he doesn’t get this right, he’s into round two.

Andy yells about three minutes left, and enthuses about what they’re serving.

Reynold is having a crisis, while Laura and Callum, presumably, are fine.

He takes the fish off, and huzzah! It comes off intact and crisp, exactly as it should be. It’s plating time, as the remaining minute ticks down.

Laura is excited, she thinks she’s all set, and finishes up.

The judges do a dramatic arm gesture as Jock yells that they have 30 seconds remaining.

Ooh, I’m liking the look of Callum’s!

The last seconds tick, and that’s it! Time is up on round one.


It’s the first tasting of the elimination, and first up is Laura.

Salt-Baked Turnip with Truffle Purée and Caviar

She’s done a dish based on turnips, a Salt-Baked Turnip with Truffle Purée and Caviar. How fancy! And the colours look awesome!

Andy asks if this is the best dish, and Laura toots her own horn, so to speak.

Jock plates up, and they all dig in.

“The thing for me here, was how you make the turnips a star amongst truffle and caviar. And you’ve done it,” he says, before enthusing about how the turnip, “sings.”

“I couldn’t taste caviar individually there at all,” Jock tells her, loving all the salty tastes and every element.

Mel talks about the creamy and earthy flavours. “It was wonderfully sophisticated.”

It’s looking pretty good for Laura to be up with Emelia, but it depends on the other two.

Next is Callum.

Wattleseed Duck with Quandong, Smoked Beetroot and Jerusalem Artichoke Purée

He’s done a Wattleseed Duck with Quandong, Smoked Beetroot and Jerusalem Artichoke Purée.

He adds a bit more Wattleseed salt before dressing it. Callum says it was the best cook he’s done for a while and nothing he would change.

Andy straight up enthuses about everything and how it fits together seamlessly.

“What you have here is a multi-dimensional dish,” Mel tells him, and tells him to feel proud.

Jock commends him on his restraint with the wattleseed, as it is easy to overpower.

Finally, it’s Reynold.

Barbequed Bonito with Bonito Tartare, Kohlrabi Flower and Bonito Wine Sauce

He’s made a Barbequed Bonito with Bonito Tartare, Kohlrabi Flower and Bonito Wine Sauce. It’s looking pretty and fancy, and I’d be up for eating that.

Reynold tells the judges that he’s super into Bonito now, the fish that sent him home, which is nice.

Jock serves up, and they get eating.

“Redemption,” Mel starts, “is yours, my friend!”

She goes on to commend many things, especially the things he had done wrong the first time, and then calls it genius, and triumphant food.

Jock calls the dish extraordinary, just like the pantry.

Finally, Andy adds his enthusiasm into the mix, before saying he’s really thrown his hat into the ring for the top three spot.


Mel says all the dishes were amazing, but they had to pick one person who’s dish was just that little bit better than the others for a secured place with Emelia in the top three.

The winner is Reynold, leaving Callum and Laura to fight for the final third spot.

Jock reminds them they can only cook with the ordinary pantry.

Their 75 minutes begins, and they rush to get going.

Laura and Callum run to their pantry and get everything they need together.

Callum tells us that he’s been friends with Laura for six years, so this will be a really tough cook for him. He is going for a savoury dish.

Laura is having the same internal conflicts going on, as she begins her sweet dish.

Cutting up a snapper, Callum isn’t hesitating to get his dish going. He’s starting a broth.

Ooh, Laura has a big bowl of strawberries, and she cuts off all the tops, before adding sugar and stuff in. She enthuses about ricotta.

“Is it enough?” Andy asks her.

“Yes,” she says, continuing with her strawberry and cream dish.

Callum is zooming through, hoping for the best.

There’s thirty minutes to go, and Laura tells Reynold she’s going to make a granita.

Then, she tells us about how she hopes this isn’t her last cook in the kitchen.

She gives the ricotta a try. “The flavour is there, but the texture is off. It’s grainy.”


There’s just over twenty minutes left, and there’s no more ricotta time. She starts to cry as she thinks that this could have ended her dreams of being a Master Chef.

Emelia and Reynold shout suggestions, and she stands there, trying it, and walking around the kitchen, trying to figure out what will work.

“It’s such a simple element, but if it’s not there, it throws the balance out,” she tells us.

Finally, she’s done something with a hand blender and adding sugar. And just in time, it’s fifteen minutes remaining.

Callum tells us that both he and Laura came 6th in their respective seasons, and here they are, fighting to not be 4th for this season.

Then, we get a sob story about how his wife is taking care of their baby, so there’s a lot of pressure to be cooking well.

Laura continues to gripe with her internal conflict of being friends with her opponent.

There’s ten minutes remaining, and Andy peers over the bench as Callum gets his snapper out.

Not to sound like I’m throwing shade, but that’s a real Peter Dutton kinda look going on there, and I’m a bit terrified of Andy right now.

Ooh, did he do it? It’s it right?

He doesn’t check, throwing it straight onto a plate.

Meanwhile, Laura is layering her dessert, wondering if she’s done enough to save herself.

Callum adds coriander to his dish.

There’s 30 seconds left, and the two hurry to make their dish the best it can be.

Finally, the judges count down the last ten seconds, before time officially runs out for one of them.

The two stand at their benches, crying about how this could be the last cook, and there’s so much pressure, and they love their opposition. Callum takes a few minutes to sob, and Laura wipes away tears, lest they fall into her dish.
Emelia is also sobbing.

They come over and elbow bump while tears stream down their faces.

This is too much emotion for me, I don’t care for it.


It’s time to taste, and I’m getting pumped for dinner, to be honest.

“Two of the finest cooks to ever grace the MasterChef kitchen,” Mels says, sitting around the table with the other two judges.

First is Laura, hoping she can make it to the top three.

Strawberries and Cream

She goes through the elements of her strawberries and cream dish.

Laura was talking about how the set up was facing each other, so she was staring Callum down the whole time, which was a bit weird. Then she starts to cry again.

Jock quizzes her on her food goals and dreams, and she shares, which I didn’t listen to.

She leaves, and Mel comments that you can see all the textures.

Andy calls it simple, but done well. It’s technically perfect.

The flavours are still singing in Mels mouth, and she enthuses about all the elements, calling the idea perfected.

Jock called her ideas clever, and execution well done.

Last is Callum.

Coconut Snapper with Ginger, Fennel, Roasted Chilli Oil and Coriander Dressing

He’s done a Coconut Snapper with Ginger, Fennel, Roasted Chilli Oil and Coriander Dressing. Hopefully the snapper isn’t overcooked.

Andy reminds him this could be the last dish he ever cooks in this kitchen, and Callum talks about how important MasterChef has been to him and his journey as a cook.

He dresses the dish before leaving.

Laura and Callum elbow bump in the waiting area, grim looks on their faces as they leave the dishes in the hands of the judges.

Alright, no time to waste, let’s get tasting.

“Great flavours going on in this dish, for me,” Jock says, before getting into what’s great about each element.

Mel and Andy nod along.

“The only negative for me,” he continues, “is the fish.”

Mel goes on about how lovely his cooking is, and how all the flavours work together. “However,” she starts, before going on with everything else.

Andy reveals that he was worried about everything from the get go, and he took it to another level, but putting the fish in the sous vide was a bad choice.


Jock kicks off by telling the two that he’s proud of them, and proud to get to know them. Laura starts crying again.

It’s time for the decision, and it’s pretty easy to see who will be out.

“One had a technical flaw we couldn’t get past,” Andy says, before eliminating Callum.

“I’m sorry, Callum, you’re going home.”

“Damn,” Callum whispers under his breath.

Mel compliments him, who he is as a chef, and his food.

It’s very lovely, and Mel starts crying.

Callum says he’s proud of how far he’s come and that he’ll bring back home everything he’s learnt.

Laura does a little speech, before Callum elbow bumps everyone and leaves the kitchen for the last time.

We’ve only got two


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MasterChef Aus S12E58 – Recap

After the elimination yesterday of Reece, we’re left with our final four – Reynold, Laura, Emelia and Callum.

Tonight is a Mystery Box challenge. The begnining teases the return of a renowned chef – Gordon Ramsey.

We were talking about Gordon last week in our family dinners. There was a mini series by years ago about this 9 year old kid who looked like Gordon. Very funny, here’s a link to a site with all the videos. Opens in a new tab.

Anyway, our final four. They stand in front of the MasterChef kitchen, staring at the huge doors, like it’s the first and last time they’ll ever see it. Very random, honestly.

The contestants come in to see a Mystery Box with the Union Jack stuck on top.

Today’s Mystery Box

The judges are waiting for them at the front, next to a screen.

Here they are!

Mel welcomes the top four for 2020. She reminds them of the stakes, and tells them that the best dish today goes straight to the semi-final.

Then, she directs them to the screen.

It’s Gordon!

He tells them they’ll be cooking from his fridge, and starts going through his fridge. There’s a whole shelf of bottled water, honestly it looks like an ad.

Alright, here are the ingredients: Pimms, paprika, rhubarb, cabbage, scallops, strawberries, fish (he said what the fish is, but I didn’t catch it), something pickled, and I’m pretty sure that’s it? If anything else comes up, I’ll mention it later.

“Best wishes,” Gordon says, “I miss you guys.”

It’s rules time – everyone must use at least one ingredient. They have the usual staples, and they can choose one ingredient from the garden. Today, they have 75 minutes to cook whatever they want, and Jock reminds them of the stakes.

Time starts!


The contestants start cooking, and reminiscing on Gordon being here.

Speaking of cooking, I did an amazing breakfast dish today for my family. I usually scam a free lunch from them, but today they came to my place and I didn’t burn the kitchen down! How amazing is that! Yes, they were worried I’d serve raw eggs, and yes they did eat toast at home before they came over, however, I did it, and everyone was very impressed.
How crazy – last season I destroyed the microwave making 2 minute noodles, and this season I’m making breakfast and getting compliments. That’s character development!
And now, I have no more food to learn. I’ve mastered breakfast food.

But I digress.

Callum is going to make a dessert with bay leaves from the garden, rhubarb, paprika and strawberries. I’m interested to see how this goes.

Emelia is making a choux pastry like she did in the first week with Gordon. It’s going to take 45 minutes to cook, so she only has one crack at it. Oof.

Omg, Reynold reflects on his dishes this season, and I forgot he started with White Noise! What a crazy dish was that. Ugh, I’m getting so hungry for a Reynold dish. But his restaurant is in Sydney, and I don’t think work would be ok with me going to Sydney at the moment.

Anyway, Emelia is still working on her choux pastry, and Andy and Jock are like, ????
“What if this choux fails?” Andy asks.
Fustrated, Emelia stares into the oven, but as everything is covered, she just stares at hot trays for a while, as she does literally nothing else. Probably a waste of time, but I’m not a chef, so what do I know about staring at ovens?

Aww, Callum’s a cutie, reflecting on his first week with Gordon.
Jock and Andy come over to grill him about the bay leaf ice-cream. The judges taste it, and keep tasting all the elements, like rhubarb and paprika meringue.
“It’s definitely something I’ve never had before,” Andy says, before sauntering away.

Mel comes to talk to Laura.
“So, this dish, fish and vege… is that enough to get you into the semi-final?” she asks. “That’s all I’m going to say.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

As she walks away, Laura decides to be true to herself and keep going with the dish.

She then goes over to look at Reynold’s dish, and just kinda looks, reminds him to be perfect. He already is.

Emelia has stopped staring at the oven, which is good, and works hard on her fillings, and such. The camera pans to the oven, where we just see trays.

But it’s time, the moment of truth – did the choux pastry work?

I start to sweat for her, as she pulls out the trays. We cut to the break, adding to the antici


“Spot on,” she says, pushing the pastry out of the shells, and beams. Oh thank goodness. She’s lovely. “Oh, my beautiful little angel.”

She starts cracking on filling the pastry and getting it going. Jock comes over, and she tells him the logistics.

“How many times have you made it?” he asks.
“Twice. In the apartment,” she laughs, and continues to pipe.

Jock comes back to base and gossips about how great the pastry look. The others are getting pumped at his words. Honestly, I’m getting pumped too! Where’s her restaurant? Ugh, Melbourne. I’m not quarantining for two weeks for pastry. I may love me a good dessert, but not that much.

Laura is working hard, with three minutes to go. Everyone starts to scramble, doing the last of what needs to be done before tasting time.

Jock announces one minute, and we see final plating and slicing happening. Callum runs us through how he plates his dish, and I’m really feeling it, to be honest!

Mel screams 30 seconds, and everyone continues at their previous pace.

Time counts down, with finishing touches and tweezers out, before it comes to a head.

There are elbow bumps and close-ups of the dishes, before we get a monologue from Emelia, a flash of the trophy.

It’s time to taste.


First up for tasting is Reynold.

Bream Chawanmushi with Scallops, Beurre Blanc, Shallot and Paprika Oils

Reynold finishes the plating by putting the red stuff in the bowl, and then Jock separates it into three different plates.

“Reynold,” Andy starts, “loved it.”
He compliments how it was full of umami, and he loves the flavours. He commends Reynold for the dish.

Mel says that this dish describes him – subtle and elegant, but with hidden depths. She goes through the elements and how much she loves it.

“Particularly liked the smoked paprika,” Jock says, before saying, “Well done, mate.”

Next up is Callum.

Bay Leaf Ice Cream with Strawberry Mousse, Rhubarb Granita and Paprika Meringue

“There’s no mistaking that’s bay leaf,” Jock says, but goes on to say that the bay leaf should have been more subtle.

Andy commends him for the effort, and can see it working, but not in this particular dish 100%. He needs to think about which flavour will be the dominant flavour.

Mel loves the texture of the ice cream, calling it sublime. She says she highly commends him.

Callum says in his monologue that this needs refinement, not a winning dish today, but it could be an amazing dish.

Third to taste is Laura.

Bream and Brassicas

Ah, well there you go, the fish was bream.

Mel loves the flavours and the presentation with the greenary. She describes it as elegant.

Andy says she knows a lot about heat, and commended her on the crispy skin.

Jock agrees, and says it was a great play on brassicas. He says that lemons would have made the dish perfect, which is funny he should say, because that’s what she wanted right at the start of the cook.

Finally, Emelia.

Compressed Choux Pastry with Rhubarb and Strawberries

She tells them what’s inside the pastry and they start tasting.

Jock calls the dish absolutely brilliant and how everything complements each other.

All round, there is nothing but perfection in their comments. Mel even says she’s so glad she got to experience that dish. Flavour wise, it was on point, and Andy calls it a banger.

Jock says compressed choux pastry should be called Emelia Jackson pastry from now on.


Mel reminds them of what the did, and Jock says they decided on two dishes.

Reynold and Emelia both had amazing flavour, but one really stood out.

The first person into the top three is Emelia, which is absolutely not a surprise.

“Holy shit!” she exclaims, hands over her face.

Jock compliments her again, and she’s relieved it came through and she’s delighted at making such a good decision to cook it.

Andy tells the other three to get ready for elimination tomorrow, where they’ll have the last two of their top three.

She’s such a sweetie.


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MasterChef AUS S12E57 – Recap

Alrighty, so last time, it was no rules immunity, and Reynold won with a boss ass snitch dish. He’s officially in the top four.

Now, we need the last three of our four, so without further ado, let’s get into our elimination.

The contestants come in to find the judges standing in front of a big dining table, and the benches set up for service.

Fancy table
Nervous in their black aprons

Joining our three judges are six, “… of the hottest chefs in the country,” Mel says.

Each will cook one of four meals – a vegetable entree, a fish course, a meat course, and a dessert.

Jock walks round with a bag to decide who is cooking what. Each take a token, but doesn’t look at it.

Vegetable Entree: Reece
Fish Dish: Emelia
Meat Dish: Laura
Dessert: Callum

They will have two hours to cook and it will be a staggered start. At the two hour mark, they must start service. They’ll prepare nine plates in total, one for each person. Each plate must be perfect and consistent. Jock reminds them that the least impressive will be sent home.

Time starts, and Reece is off.


Reece says he has a plant based diet and knows how to make veggies tasty.

Not to throw shade on veggies, but if you have to know how to make them tasty, are they really tasty?

Emelia is worried because the last time she cooked fish was for an elimination and she was so close to going home, so she’s freaking out that perhaps she’ll be out today.

“Any stratergy today?” Mel asks.
“Cook the fish perfectly,” Emelia says.

Now I want barramundi. Ugh, this is the problem with recaping food shows – I get to see the food, but I can’t eat it!

Jock and Andy come around and grill Reece on his dish choice. They don’t think it shows enough of him and while they don’t want him to scrap it, they want him to think if that’s what the best choice is, if it’s too safe.

Emelia’s broth is too cloudy to serve and she doesn’t have a plan B, so Andy is worried for her, and she’s worried that this won’t work out. She needs to do something stat!

The guest judges all walk in, most of them we’ve seen in pressure cooks and the like before. Callum hasn’t even started, so he’s freaking right out.

The guests and the three judges sitting at their fancy table

Reece starts service off with his vegetable entree.

Beetroots with Goats Cheese and Chocolate and Hazelnut Crumb

The judges and the guests all like the tastes, however there are elements they feel could have been better, like a hazelnut cheese. Overall, they were a bit disappointed and feel like it could have been better.

Next up is Emelia with her first dish.

Crispy Skin Barramundi with Fennel and Japanese Broth

Jock asks her how she got here, and Emelia starts to tear up as she tells them that she’s a great cook and this is her passion. After the fish fiasco, where she served bad fish, she has avoided it, but this is a redemption.

The judges and the guests are all impressed, loving every element. Given how nervous she was to plate this dish, the judges are significantly impressed. Andy declares a redemption complete.

Meanwhile, Laura is getting nervous about plating her lamb, making sure she gets the portion size right.

But she doesn’t have long to worry, and starts serving.

Lamb with Peas and Native Mint Oil

Mel kicks off the critique, calling is a great dish, with the lamb wonderful and well cooked.
Jock says everything was perfect, but he would have liked a bone.
Andy says it has buckets of flavour.
The guests all have wonderful things to stay.

Last in the kitchen is Callum. One of his elements of dessert is a thing he picked up from Darren, one of the guests today. Love him. He learnt it ten years ago, allegedly.

There’s a lot of stuff happening, and he’s worried it’s going to be a disaster.

Nonetheless, Callum serves his dessert.

Chocolate and Davidson Plum with Chocolate Crémeux, Macadamia, Anise Myrtle Rocks

Jock comments that this is an unusual dish for Callum, who replies that he’s trying to show his growth by showing less in his flavour profile.

Once Callum goes, Jock comments on the beautiful colours and how wonderful they are.

“There’s a lot to love about this for me,” Jock says, before listing off everything he loved.

Jock felt that teh cremeux shouldn’t have been on the plate, which kicks off a bit of a, “how much should have been there?” with his dish on the, “maximal side of things,” Mel says.

Everyone discusses how there was too much given what he wanted to do.

It’s just about decision time, but Jock leaves us with this – someone did too much, and someone did not enough. But someone has to go home.


Mel commends everyone for their effort, and Jock tells the top two who they are, putting them into finals.

First is Emelia, with a wonderful combination of flavours and well balanced.
Second is Laura, who provided an amazing dish.

That means, it’s up to Callum and Reece, which is a shame, because they’re both wonderful.

But there can only be one more person in the top four.

Unfortunately, Reece’s dish just wasn’t finals worthy, which means he’s going home.

Oh no! My gay! Ugh, this is the worst news, I’m crying!

Andy compliments Reece, and tells him he should be proud of how far he’s come. Reece is touched by the support and says that everything has been incredible and unreal. This experience means the world to him.

Mel gives him some solid advice on strutting out of the kitchen, and says they’ll all miss him.

There are elbow bumps all around, and he’s applauded out of the kitchen, wiping tears from his eyes.

Welp, that leaves us with our top four – Reynold, Callum, Laura and Emelia!


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MasterChef Aus S12E56 – Recap

Before we get started, here’s a Hot Tip from Twitter. Thanks Johnson ❤

Alright, let’s get into this episode!

It’s the final immunity challenge of the season and I’m shookth. I can’t believe it’s almost over!

Maybe today I’ll watch the cook as well… who’s to say? It makes me hungry.
But tonight I have zoodles, so I’m excited to get to dinner anyway.

The three immuntiy competitors, Laura, Reynold and Callum, walk in and stand in front of the judges, with Emelia and Reece watching them from the balcony.

The last immunity challenge of the season with five remaining contestants

Andy tells them that this is the time to crack out the best dish they’ve got. They have no rules, no limits. They can do sweet or savoury, can do anything they want, and they can pick how long they have to cook.

The three of them decide to cook for two hours, which Reynold is a bit worried about, as he was hoping for three. Callum tried to advocate for ten minutes, but ultimately, they decided on a big cook.

Jock reminds them of the stakes – a place in the top four – and tells them that the pantry is chocas for them.

Time starts, and the contestants are off.


Reynold has a plan. He’s got some big guns to whip out, inspired by Harry Potter – he’s making the snitch.

I’m going to be honest, I actually get super bored, and I mean, they talk about their dishes and it’s just going over my head.

The judges talk about the complexity of the dishes.

Laura is heavily focused on squid ink, and has a lot of grey black elements at her bench. She’s having dramas getting a squid ink meringue working, and she’s freaking right out.
Mel comes around and tells her to move on. Reluctantly, she does.

I’m honestly so close to just leaving, when Reynold has a huge drama.

He starts getting the wings/feathers ready for plating, having already broken a couple, and it’s just not working for him at all. He keeps breaking it.

“No wings, no snitch,” he says in his monologue, the cooking Reynold wiping away sweat and trying to think and crack on.

Finally, he gets one, and everything is looking up again! And then a couple more come up, and he dusts them with gold dust before continuing with the next part.

Callum is hoping the freezer has set his parfaits. He cuts into the first one and it’s perfect. Everything is wonderful and he’s relieved, cutting everything up and getting it looking refined.

Jock stands ominously to the side, watching as Laura starts to prepare a plate of “beach”. She suddenly legs it outside for parsley to make a powder to make a moss aesthetic.

Ooh she’s cracking out the liquid nitrogen.

Finally, while I make a Tik Tok, time ends.

It’s tasting time!

“Well, the only rules today were that there were no rules,” Mel recaps, STEALING my job! Goddamn it Mel!

Callum gets his plate and walks into the dining room. He’s bringing a savoury dish with brulee on the top.

Chicken Liver Parfait with Davidson Plum Gel, Onion Puree, Leek and Crackers

I can confirm the crackers are Wattleseed crackers.

They dig in, and I’m so close to going and preparing my own dinner.

Andy says this brings parfait to a new level, the flavours are amazing. They LOVE the brulee top, it’s perfect and symetrical, a bit of theatrics.

“Andy’s in love!” Jock enthuses, before explaining all the amazing things about the dish.

Mel calls it joy on a plate.

Next is Laura with two snacks on one plate. So behold three images below. Image one is the dish as a whole, image two is Squid Ink Meringue Pebble with Oyster Emulsion (and an apple disc component inside as well), and image three is the Saltbush Wafer with Blue Swimmer Crab and Caviar.

Mel cals it not just a plate of food, but a scene.

She then proceeds to call them ‘wow snacks’. They’re fun and the wafer was like a sandwich. The meringue was light and crunchy and salty. It’s very nice, and the apple disc adds sweetness.

Andy loves the deep flavours, expecting light flavours, but it was robust. Jock felt transported to the sea side.

Finally, it’s Reynold, presenting his show stopper. He’s never had this dish before, but he’s tasted all the elements and believes it’s a strong one.

He explains every component of the snitch dessert, and I’m so sorry, but it all went over my head.

The Snitch by Reynold

Jock cuts it open.

Look at that ooze in the cross section.

The first thing Mel comments on is how Reynold twisted the feather wings from the mould so it looks in flight. Jock enthuses on the crunch.

Andy goes on about how he’s nailed the technique and how it’s the hardest technical dish that’s been in this kitchen.

Mel loves all the flavours and how they work together, and Jock calls it inspired cooking. The flavour is all there.

Reynold called it the best dish he’s ever made, and Jock agrees with him.


Andy says all the judges are happy, the dishes were all amazing, however only one can win.

Laura did a beautiful dish, the flavours met the presentation. A++.
Callum did a simple looking dish, an elevated classic, beautiful. They loved loved loved it.
Reynold was inspired.

It’s decision time. Who’s cuisine reigns supreme?

Reynold, absolutely.

“This dessert will go down in history as one of the best dishes ever, EVER, to be cooked in this kitchen,” Mel raves.

Reynold is so happy to have won, putting him first into the final four.

So, Sunday night is the elimination, settling our final four.


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MasterChef Aus S12E55 – Recap

We’re at our top five, having said farewell to Poh last night. But there’s no time to mourn, it’s Mystery Box time.

The contestants walk in to find their Mystery Boxes waiting for them and the judges at the front next to the trophy.

Andy, Mel and Jock welcome the top five in

Jock congratulates the top five for getting in, saying it feels like only yesterday that they all walked through the doors for day one.

Tomorrow is the final immunity challenge. We also only got six episodes left.

They open the Mystery Boxes to find…

… a terrarium.

Mel tells them to bring a dish, sweet or savoury, inspired by nature, and then asks Jock and Andy to move a wall.

Andy and Jock use them muscles

In fact, they’ve gotten a special pantry ready for this challenge.

Inspiration pantry

Of course, they can use the usual pantry and the garden, and have 75 minutes.

Time starts, and everyone runs to look and shop at the special pantry, except for Reynold who stands at his bench and makes some plans.


The judges shriek the remaining seconds, and applaud them at zero seconds.

Running around, everyone elbow bumps each other.

Let’s do the tasting!

First up is Emelia with a dish inspired by camping with her dad.

Davidson Plum S’mores

Hers is so cute and I would love to go to a restaurant and get this for dessert.

Mel commends her for using Indigenous ingredients but also utilising ‘play’ within her dish.
Andy loves the flavours – all big flavours but she nailed the combination.
And Jock loves it as well, loving that they get to interact and roast the marshmallow themselves.

Next up is Laura with a pasta dish. She brings the waterworks as she takes her dish up.

“This dish means everything to me,” she says in her monologue, wiping away her tears.

Mushroom Tortellini with En Brodo

She tells them she lived in Tuscany for a few years and these are the flavours she had there. She’s crying from the memories with her grandparents.

They love her dish, of course.

It’s Reynold’s turn, with a dessert that looks like a mushroom.

Mushroom by Reynold

Jock starts and commends everything. Presentation wise, it was his best dish, but everything tastes amazing.
Andy says the dish is a ‘going into immunity tomorrow’ dish.
Mel loves that theres a bit of lime zest and that it’s still on her palette.

Reece is up with ice-cream.

Everyone picks one up, Andy and Mel crunch straight into it, Jock starts by cutting in in half and then eating it.
Jock calls it ballpark perfect, but heavy on the wattleseed.
Mel agrees with the wattlseed, but says not to be defeated by it.
And Andy says the wattleseed and eucalyptus together is a bit much, but not to be disheartened as it’s something everyone wrangles with before perfecting.

Finally, it’s Callum with a very chocolate dish.

Start of Autumn with Wild Fennel Ice Cream, Strawberry Sorbet and Chocolate Leaves.

Under the leaves are the ice-creams, and it’s cute.

The judges have nothing but good things to say, everything tasting amazing and looking incredible.


Mel thanks the contestants for their dishes as they were all amazing.

Jock reminds them that only three can compete tomorrow.

It’s Reynold, Callum, and Laura.

So tomorrow, the three of them will compete to get a guaranteed spot in the top four. How good.


As usual, this recap was written as I watched the episode, so there will be spelling and grammar mistakes.

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MasterChef Aus S12E54 – Recap

The contestants come in to find little benches set up for them, and everyone bar Reynold stands in front of one.

Their little benches
The judges are ready to tell them what’s what

Today is a pressure test, and Andy tells them it’s like no other.

Mel introduces their guest chef, Phil Wood. He walks in with a cloche and talks to the judges about what he likes in a dish – done by hand and technical.

He’s ready to eliminate

Phil lifts the lid and reveals his dish – potatoes duchess with shiitakes and cauliflower.

potatoes duchess with shiitakes and cauliflower

The contestants are all given a copy and Phil explains what each element is and what’s going on.

“She good,” Emelia says.

Poh calls it perfection and Reece says eating it is a joy.

They have 75 minutes to get as close to Phil’s dish as possible, with three going into round two.

Time starts, and everyone rushes to get the dish going.


It’s tasting time for round one, and Poh is really freaking out about how she’s done.

First is Emelia.
Phil says it was a really good effort, a great sauce and the flavours all came together but were also distinct.
Mel compliments her balance and says she did an extraordinary job.

Next is Reece.
The potato is good and the flavours are nice, but the sauce has split.

It’s Laura time.
Phil says he would be happy to put that up.
Andy calls the flavours spot on.

Next up is Poh.
“I feel really embarrassed,” Poh says in her monologue as she walks up to the bench.
She tells them the sauce split, and they have a snack.
Jock calls it a bit of a mess – split and unseasoned.

Finally, Callum.
The judges clap him down. “I wouldn’t applaud,” he says as he gets closer.
Phil says that once something is off, the whole dish is off, and there’s no butter sauce on his dish.

It’s decision time. Mel commends two of them for making it look easy. Emelia and Laura are safe from round two and are in the top five. They go and join Reynold.

Jock says that Phil has shown them what he can use with mushroom, potato and cauliflower, now they have to show him what they can do. The judges unveil a table of the key ingredients from Phil’s dish.

Potato, Cauliflower and Mushroom

They have 75 minutes, can cook sweet or savoury, have free reign of the pantry and garden, and must feature at least one of the ingredients on the table.

Time starts and the contestants run.

Reece is keen to do a savoury dessert using potatoes.
Callum gets the mushrooms, and Andy helps him bring his basket over. He’s going for a comfort dish.
Meanwhile, Poh is doing a redemption dish using potatoes and redoing a dish from that group challenge ages ago, and actually making the butter sauce from round one. So it’s happening at Poh’s bench.

We’ll see how it goes…


Oki, time ends, and everyone is kinda freaking out.

But there’s no time to catch their breaths – it’s tasting time!

First up is Reece with a potato dish.

Potato Stack with Beetroot Granita and Smoked Chocolate Ice Cream

Phil says he wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as he did. Everyone said it was beautifully plated and a great amount of granita and ice-cream. They were a bit shook that the beetroot really worked in the dish. They all love it!

Next up is Callum with his mushroom dish.

Buckwheat Noodles with Mushrooms and Pancetta Furikake

Phil says he’s nailed the brief and his heart and soul shines through. “It’s something he’d give to his family, which is not to scoff at,” Phil says.
The judges all love it and love all the mushroom textures.
“I really love it,” Jock says.

Finally, it’s Poh, featuring potato.

Two-Toned Culurgiones with Truffle and Brown Butter Sauce

Poh’s disapointed because her redemption dish didn’t go how she planned.


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